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Guten Tag, my name's Ace...or at least that's what I go by online. Who are you?

So here's the deal I'm not a human. No, I'm an alien sent down from the planet Vlantimon to abserve your species. My findings your all a bunch of idiots. It is time for me to ascend back to my planet where cheese grows off of trees, mountain dew is flowing through the streams, and unicorns roam the plains. Good bye, and thank you for your time.

...I joke. Seriously don't go calling the government. I love "about me's" but at the same time don't have any idea what to write. Where to begin.

I love the name Ace and it stems from my obsession with Batman. Batman, mountain dew, and the computer are my life.

I'm 15 and turning 16 in two months. All I want is a few books and a life where DC doesn't fuck up. So obviously this year will be a let down.

I'm an asshole. Ask anyone. You think your special, well your not. I'll screw you over faster than you can blink if it serves my purpose. There are about four people in the whole world I even care about.

@DerLeoJimbo is one of them. I'm a person who doesn't use the "L" word lightly but I love him. I'd warn you not to mess with him but he'll probably handle you long before I even find out ;)

I'm somewhere between asexual and the weird teenage years of hormonal bouncing, but I'm panromantic.

Despite my rough demeanor I'm actually really easy to talk too. I don't judge based on race, creed, sexuality, or if you danced naked in the supermarket. I judge solely on the person I perceive you to be.

That's enough about me....so message me if you'd like to have me in your life or leave if you don't. It's all the same to me.

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[ ] Straight
[ ] Bisexual
[ ] Gay
[ ] Pansexual
[X] Asexual
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