This is an amazing Jimin centric award book hosted by @ma_love_bts  check it out!!! 


Hey... I want you to please pray for @ssstassss... she had an accident and is unconscious from the past 10 days... I saw that she follows you so I want as many people as possible to pray for my ili... please it would mean the world to me... your prayers can save a life.. plz ask your friends and family to pray for her... please..


@JiminIsMyRealBias  omygawd! Thats horrible. Ofc I'll pray for her. We are lowkey friends not that close but still. I hope she gets well soon. Stay strong buddy. Have courage. Ily. 


hey my lovely buns, 
          this is my first book.. i would love if you check it out.. i promise you wont be dissapointed. i put my blood sweat and tears in it.. soo please
          here u goo the link
          its totally ook if you dont want to i wont mind 


@Jimin_Sweet_Mochi1 I would love to. :))