'Ello mates! My name is Lyric Watson, username, Tunkydreams.. I am a gorlll

I love:
- romance (bxb preferably),
- ramen noodles..
- Anime of course.
- my family... Sometimes
- rain (not storms tho)
- peeps with long hair and beautiful eyes... And good personaloties (by peeps I mean guys bc I'm straight.. Most of the time)
- flat bellies.. Sometimes abs
- blue and yellow
- adorable lookin doggies and kitties
- hugs and cuddles and kissies (but I don't get them.. Sadly)
- two different color eyes (I forgot what thaf condition is called)
- sweatpants and sweaters/sweatshirts 😎

I hate:
- homophobes, transphobe, ect.
-rapist, (child) molesters, ect.
- storms
- sharks.. Or maybe it's just a fear.. Same with snakes, mooses, some dogs (the mean lookin ones), eels, probably bears, probably big cats (tigers, lions, ect), most bugs (not ants.. They're interestin.. Yes ladybugs, most of the times butterflies), rats, birds, ect.
- liquor/beer
- pink, white
- over cocky preps
- flat butts (don't ask)
- my period. Periodt.
- jeans
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Tunkydreams Tunkydreams 9 hours ago
I got a question for those who have periods (the girls or trans men or theys) So am I the only one who has this happens to them:I makes sure that the pad is in the frickin Center! Then like an hour...
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