'Ello mates! My name is Lyric Watson, username, Tunkydreams.. I am a gorlll pronouns she/her  and I'm under age so creeps begone.

I love:
- romance (bxb preferably),
- ramen noodles..
- Anime, of course.
- my family... Sometimes
- peeps with long hair and beautiful eyes... And good personaloties (by peeps I mean guys bc I'm straight.. Most of the time) UPDATE: I'm not that straight. I'm either bi or pan, not fully straight. UPDATE: I'm bi. I usually like guys with long hair and girls with short hair... eyes are beautiful all the time so-
- flat bellies.. Sometimes abs.. And round bellies.. They're like frickin soft pillows-
- blue and yellow
- adorable lookin doggies and kitties
- hugs and cuddles and kissies (but I don't get them.. Sadly)
- two different color eyes (I forgot what that condition is called)
- sweatpants and sweaters/sweatshirts 😎

I hate:
- homophobes, transphobe, ect.
-(child) rapist, (child) molesters, ect.
- storms
- sharks.. Or maybe it's just a fear.. Same with snakes, mooses, some dogs (the mean lookin ones), eels, probably bears, probably big cats (tigers, lions, ect), most bugs (Yes ladybugs, most of the times butterflies), rats, birds, ect.
- liquor/beer
- pink, white
- over cocky peeps
- flat butts (don't ask)
- my period. Periodt.
- socks that keep falling to the heel of your foot
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Harharhar we won. I knew all of my fightin would count for somethin. Now they can all kiss my âss bc my team won. Suck it bîtches. This is why imma be a lawyer :). Anywayss… I’m thinkin of watchin St...
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