Age: none of you're fucking business bitch!
Sexuality: gay and trans(female to male)(pronouns he/him(please don't call me a them/they I just prefer he/him))
Fandom's I like:
Gravity falls
Star VS the forces of evil
Sally face
Country humans
Marble Hornets
Creepypasta and many more that I can't remember(mostly gay ships)
fanboy no not fangirl because fuck you!!
I'm insane
I'm a Scorpio(idk who wanted to know but...)
I have a lot of mental issues one of them is schizophrenia so....yay....
Asshole: level 5000(sorry not sorry bitch
If you are anti-LGBTQ+....GET THE FUCK OFF MY FUCKING PAGE!!!!I WILL PERSONALLY FUCKING STAB YOU!!!!(also a pedophile I'll stab you as well you fucking pervert!!)
My fave people and don't touch them I will kill for them aka my daddy's~(I'm poly btw):@MC-Jackson,@jtydjttsmgrxgsng I love you both!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
This my Dad(no not daddy~ don't make it weird(even tho I just did...)):@shyliahuston
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Traiangulum Traiangulum 2 hours ago
1:52 am I'm okay now but a little scared idk what was happening at first but everything is fine now
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This is a creepypasta story and my first!!! It may have gore in it!!
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Idk what this even is tbh
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