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Yes <

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Hello, I'm Taeko Yasuhiro, but I like to be called as Celeste, or as my other name, Celestia Ludenburg. Here's some information.

Gender: Female

Age: 17-18

Ultimate: Gambler

Place: Hopes Peak Academy

"Sudden Unconsciousness, only to gather in the gym upon awakening."

"We're going to die, just like those guys did."


"Are you Deaf as you are thicc, Yamada drew the killers name as he took his final breath! Why must you make it so difficult. GODDAMIT, YASUHIRO HAGAKURE IS THE MURDERER!"

"You've lost, dear oh dear, that string of words takes me back. Haven't heard them in a while."


Your about to open Kiyotaka Ishimaru's e-handbook. Would you like to continue?

Yes <


Hello there! I'm Kiyotaka Ishimaru! I'm the Ultimate Moral Compass! Now, get to class!

Gender: Male

Ultimate: Hall Monitor/Moral Compass

Age: 17

"Instructions said 8:00 Sharp!! You have no excuse for your tardiness!"

"I demand whoever did it come over immediately!"


Aoi Asahina: @-doughnutzz
Byakuya Togami: @sleepygorse
Celestia Ludenburg: @TotalDramaLindsay1 +
Chihiro Fujisaki: @-Progamer-Baby-
Hifumi Yamada:
Junko Enoshima: @WaifuTrial
Kiyotaka Ishimaru: @TotalDramaLindsay1
Kyoko Kirigiri: @K-KIRIGIRI
Leon Kuwata:
Makoto Naegi:
Mondo Owada:
Sakura Ogami:
Sayaka Maizono: @m-maizono
Toko Fukawa: @Mikan_Tsumiki_Nurse
Yasuhiro Hagakure:
Mukuro Ikusaba: @Whit3_Sorceress

Birthday: November 23rd


Real Birthday: October 23rd

Likes: Music, Dancing, Singing, Donuts (Aoi), Fries, and more

25: ❤️
50: ❤️
75: ❤️
100: ❤️
125: ❤️
150: ❤️
175: ❤️
200: ❤️
225: ❤️
250: ❤️
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