Reading profiles on Wattpad is often discouraging. People use them as a space to tell the world how it's good to be self-focused and boast about how much they don't care what you think or feel. 

These aren't positive character traits. Sadly, what people put in their profiles ends up reflecting in how they treat others.

If that's true, I'm going to put something positive. Embrace random acts of kindness, tolerance, and try to give back as much as you take from the world. The world needs these things now more than ever.

Every person has the ability to make someone's day a little better by doing something small. A friend of mine reminds me of that all the time and I'd like to experiment with that here on Wattpad in 2020.

About me:
- Male. 24. Pansexual, panromantic. LGBTQIAP+ safe space here.
- Accepting of all nationalities, races, religions, and cultures. Don't spread hate on my page, please.
- Believes "feminist" is a positive and empowered word.
- Graduate student trying to focus enough to earn that doctorate.
- Actor, writer, artist, musician, modern day hippie.
- Should watch TV less and read more.
- Loves people, animals,and travel. Always full of stories that remind me how much the world has to offer.
- Happily taken. 2 cats, no children, enjoys the beach.
- Speaks 6 languages and plays 5 instruments.
- Tries not to talk about politics or other sensitive topics unless asked .
- Loves RP and collaborative storytelling, video games, and all sorts of imagination-building hobbies.
- Genres of choice are high fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, paranormal, thriller, psychological thriller, and anything with great world-building and dynamic characters.

Author's Note: The whole doctorate thing is totally demanding and makes for an inconvenient schedule. I don't have as much time for a lot of interests as I'd like. Don't think a delayed response is disinterest or me bored with you.

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