lee taeyong is a bottom, pass it on


Love your Bellamy Blake series so much! Your writing is immaculate, seriously amazing.!!!


Man, i just read the entire B. Blake series in less than like a week i think- kind of lost track of time. Kinda sucks that you weren’t into the story anymore but i’m heading over to your other acc now to check out your other ones.


oh SHIIIIIT thank you! i really wanna force myself to get back into it because it looks like the show has changed so much since i last watched it!


Breaking news!; if you think r/pe is a serious thing you shouldnt sexualise then you have a stick up your ass. 
          Man, kids really be clowning. Let’s hope it never happens to you 


Heyo, random request you'll probably ignore but it's ight I get it. Here goes anyways :)))) I would love it if you would make a story on this account called the Lost Sixth Chapter or something since your book Careless is missing a sixth chapter. In the story there would be a CARTELLOMY steamy scene. I just need to read about them making love call me weird lmaoo. Anyways I hope you take this into consideration. 
          P.s if there already is a steamy scene in the series I apologize I'm only on chapter 8 of Careless :)))


I love ur third book with Bellamy Blake, I know writing is a sucky process at times but please update soon!!!


how long do you think until the third book of the 100 series might take?