Hey! Loving your public reading lists, you've definitely introduced me to new stories! If you would like to, I just made a new boyxboy story & I would really love it if you could give it a read and tell me what you think xx thank you! 


Your votes and comments on The Secrets Of Finnley and The Search Of Cristian make my day! Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story <3 have a nice day!


@SerendipityD Seeing that I make a complete stranger happy makes me happy and thank you for writing these books bc I enjoy them so much


Hey can you read my story I’ve been workin- HA SIKE WADDUP IM BORED AND I FOUND RANDOM ACCOUNTS


Hey! I started a new Jimin's fanfiction called Stardom! Please give it a read. It's a new concept, a totally different story. I promise you wouldn't regret reading it! Have a nice day ^_^