Welcome to Camp Jupiter!  PM me or put it down in the conversation area to role play as a character here, there will be people from Camp Halfblood because they like to visit.  

Once you call dibs on a character I'll add your username along with the person you're role playing

Roman Demigods:
Reyna, daughter of Bellona- @The-Sassy-Demigod
Octavian, legacy of Apollo- @ur-local-fangirl
Frank, legacy of Poseidon and son of Mars- @KozyKit
Hazel, daughter of Pluto- @cousinofthedevil
Dakota, son of Bacchus-
Gwendolyn, unknown godly parent-
Michael Kahale, son of Venus-

Greek demigods:

Percy Jackson- @maureen5128
Annabeth Chase- @RavenclawHades13
Thalia- @Little_Miss_West
Nico di Angelo- @Prajancool
Luke Castellan- @Royruy
Bianca di Angelo- @chogwart
Connor Stoll- @ThatDAMdemigodMJ
Travis Stoll-
Clarisse La Rue- @someonethatexists22
Charles Beckendorf-
Silena Beauregard-
Katie Gardner- @DivergentDemiWolf
Will Solace- @aizawa_amara
Kayla- @Hazel647
Chris Rodriguez-
Piper McLean- @So-Keefe4Always
Leo Valdez- @1fandomawayfrmdeath
Miranda Gardiner-
Drew- @_thegodlysquad_

If you want to be a god (Roman or Greek) just tell me but I'm not gonna list all of them, but if you choose to be one I'll put your name and your role.

Artemis- @PJO-Love_you
Hermes- @Sharatata
Athena- @RootyTooty55
Enyo- @Cookiefordinner

Paul Blofis-
Sally (Jackson) Blofis-
Estelle Blofis-
Tyson- @PoseidonSpawn2
Coach Hedge-
That faun Hazel knows-
Rachael Dare- @Vicigirl
Zoë Nightshade- @DBsjsnsnz
Spring Blofis, daughter of Salacia and Paul Blofis- @ice-lander
Calypso- @Allison_Kelley
(If you think of one tell me)
Phoebe - @bookworm0530
Arrow of Dodana- @Vicigirl
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