Ayumu Fujiwara here :D
- I don't know how to describe this person out :/
- Just check out my personal account, @DizzyGurlHere, to know me better *wink wink*
- February 25 :D

Hanami Kouizumi desu ^~^
- Lol I am a Grammar Nazi but I myself make mistakes. I MEAN, I'M JUST HUMAN, RIGHT? I CAN'T BE PERFECT! GOSH! But, you correct others. I DO THAT SO THEY WON'T BE HUMILIATED. But haven't you ever thought that you're hurting them? AH GOSH! And you just saw there the two me's fighting. Hahaha.
- I have a personal account: @Fragile_Promises
- March 9 ^~^ (Ayumu you got it wrong. Imma cry -.-) (A: I'm so sorry ;-;)

A: So yeah, we have so many similarities regarding of our favorites.
H: Not to mention, our description of our future husband.
A: You said it!
H: Hey Ayu, I even wonder...
A: What?
H: We always share ideas of stories the last time we were classmates. Why we just made our own collab account now?
A: Pfft. About that... idk xD
H: *sighs* We're so crazy HAHAHAHAHA. Lol.
A: Ikr xD

Our similarities:
~ anime lover <3
~ Vocaloid fan! ^w^ #LenRin for incest HAHAHAHAHA)
~ pisces (destined)
~ music addict (Nightcore is our jam rn)
~ book lover (A: Sherlock and Percy Jackson <3)

Our description of a future husband: Tsundere, megane, deep voice. Funny, in some way. OHOHOHOHOHO~ (H: Subaru and Izayoi mah Baes~~~~) (A: Midorima and Reiji huhu ;-;)
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