My name is Ash Death
Born in 2009, same year Marble Hornets posted their first video, the year Slenderman was created and the year Minecraft entered the world(oh damn you sure know your stuff Ash!)
Things I do: draw, write, sing, play guitar, look at random Creepypasta shit, look at random shit youtube recommends for me (:3 I'm guilty)
Things I like: Creepypasta, SCP, FNAF, writing, drawing, singing, listening to music, playing guitar, looking at random Creepypasta shit, looking at random shit youtube recommends me, band, my followers, my family, Minecraft(even though I don't have it), Roblox, Markiplier videos, my friends, playing video games
Things I not like: auto correcting(they do shit but sometimes it's kinda funny), school, stereotypical people, toxic waste(including toxic people), sometimes my hallucinations
Stuff you should know about me: I have a good imagination, I'm observant, if you give me a lead of a theory and tell me to add more to it I will just write a whole fucking paragraph about what I have to add(does that even make sense?), I'm not a nerd though I hate doing school related work unless it's fun obviously, I don't really do ships but they are kinda amusing to see who people ship together, I may be Chinese(ooh so mysterious! If you get what I mean. Here I'll tell you: I said I may be that doesn't mean I will, I might not so I said ooh so mysterious!), I may also be Vincent if you ask me: What does Vincent think? (or other shit like that), I swear but I think you already gathered that because I already swore a lot in this about thingy
Um yeah
  • You may find me on the surface of the Earth or in Hell minding my devil business
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Fucking fire alarms are brokeScare me all the timeIt went on and offUghhhhh
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