OYA OYA, im Shoko, 18yrs old and idk what sleep means. I dont need to breathe, eat or drink, i only need my 2d babes. Relate? Good. And bish you dont have to remind me they not real, i mean look at my "to read list" lmfao. Wanna know something? I like P I Z Z A. Pizza is love, pizza is life. 

Omg how did i forgot to talk about how chaotic i am? Aah silly me im sorry jfdvvsjn im just cursed yk? Lmao everyone on Discord know that haha...ha..*cries in weirdo*

Ye im very smart..but also the biggest dumbass u can ever meet💀 Thats mostely why i kin Kuroo sm zihvizfHAHAHAH i mean shit, he hot im hot, he tall im tall, he has black hair i have black hair he is flat- welp im fucken thicc asf got dem all 3😩like titties, ass ANd thighs 😩😩😩✨

Oh, and btw Yuuji Terushima is e-boy sangwoo, change mah mind bish✨Haha you cant lololz.

LMFAO see you in horny jail tho fam *kiss kiss ;3

Holy mamacita i just realised that i also kin Todoroki Shoto other then Kuroo Tetsurou :'). Hating dad cheeeckk, ye he is an ass, i wish him death as soon as possible ngl...ANYWAYS-

I FUCKING LOVE THE COLOR BLUE- its so hot, sexy and beautiful :3 💙 thats why the blue hearts- ksksk

Yoo, did i tell ya guys that i speak multiple languages?? No? Well now u know izdgfvhbldzj.
I speak Arabic(3kinds), Français, EnGLiSh ofc lmfaoaooa, also a liiiilllll bit of German, DUTCH or flamish yk Belguim shit(im sorry Belgium ily dont hate me)💖 i just started learning Korean and RASHA ahem, russian. Oh ye and also found myself a new friend who also is my Sensei for Japanese :D ly Kanabae 🖤💙 idk why tho im just obsessed with languages like dayum 💀

i know i know im amazing ✨😩🤚 you dont have to tell me i mean got mah bestie simp for me hard asf 😩💙💗
yes u fucker @GojosLipGl0SS LMFAO U GAY ASF NGL

Anywayyss~ hope you have a good night/day with yo husbando/waifuuu~ aaand take care of urself <3 hehe *wink wink ;3

Signed by :
-Mommy Shoko le weird clown 5yr old ass mf 💙💙💙
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AYYOOO GUYYSS i think i found the meaning...wait lemme just...VOILA! here is the link :https://www.google.com/search?q=meaning+sleep&oq=meaning+sleep&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l7.3263j0j7&sourceid=chrome&i...
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