I have updated the covers on my books, trying to make then look a bit better and grouping some of the connected books through matching covers - hope you all like them. TCL


@TheClosetLibrarian I’m obsessed with the new cover 


@TheClosetLibrarian I love the new look of your books. Thank you for taking the time to write them .  I really enjoy them.


Excerpt from my new short story:
          "Smile for me, Cherry," he urged with a mix of command and desperation. The woman met his gaze with lifeless eyes, mechanically stretching her lips into a semblance of a smile.
          Frustrated, he insisted on a "proper smile," emphasizing his desperation and command. As her lips widened, the hollowness in her eyes sent a shiver down his spine.
          With a hushed realization, he whispered, "It's like you're dead."

            It's been an exciting journey so far, and I'd love it if you could check it out and be a part of my writing adventure.  


I mentioned it as a comment in one of your books but I would really love to see you create a diagram showing the family trees of the Kingswood, Masters an Rose families including marriages with characters in other books.  I know the books can stand independent of each other but I get drawn in by the references to related characters and find myself getting distracted from the story line trying to remember who is who.