Hello people of the earth... 
It's us in the photo. Yeah, we dont fake that shit. {Front to back} Jace, Tom and Jay.
Since we have no idea what to put in this, we will hand this over to our sexy little midget Miriam! FAN THIS CHICK! @miriamax :P

Heyy guys! This is Miriam! i guess if your reading this you want to know about these sexy boys, yeah? Okay then... I think i will just tell you a little bit about them in order!

First one in the photo!
Jace is a phsichotic little bastard. Jokes.. Sorry jace!
Nah, He's a guy, love him to pieces! <3 :*
Oh, yeah i can say that! HE'S MINE! Mwahaha! Sorry ladies, hes taken :P
Hes still crazy though!
He plays guitar, but he's sill learning. :o
He is a maths geek, makes me feel stupid :P
He can be annoying, very annoying <3
Cheeky little sucker!
Haha, i love him <3

Second in the photo!
Tom is such a gentleman, so kind to the ladies!
He is a secret superhero..
Allergic to cryptonite. :o joke.
He is also obsessed with COD!
Probably the most normal in the threesome.
Never goes out without his snapback on, little freak, Haha[inside joke] :P
So kind to his mom, adorable!

he.is.so.tall...it's scary. 6'2 :P
Girls...Jays a pervert. i know from experience. Be warned. :o
He's a class clown. :D
I actually dont know that much about jay. Oh.my.days....
GOT SOMTHING. He's allergic to nuts.Peanuts to be exact.
He plays the piano.
He has big feet.
I havnt actually told you anything good about him yet :o
Me and Jay are Frenemies. <3

Okay, nuff said now. FAN THESE LADS! love em'
Miriam xxx


Miriam just pretty much told you everything embarrassing about us. Yay. Not. Oh well, fan us, we will be very greatful. BYE :D

Mesage from Jace: Love you too mirie! <3 and lads, hands of that beauty is mine! She's in the background! xxx
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