❝ᴛᴇꜱᴛɪɴɢ, ᴛᴇꜱᴛɪɴɢ, 1, 2, 3. ɪꜱ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴏɴ? ᴏʜ, ɪᴛ ɪꜱ?...
Hey! I'm Maddy, and I see you've stumbled upon greatness...
𝗠𝗮𝗱𝗱𝘆 ✰ 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆/𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺 ✰ 𝘁𝗲𝗲𝗻𝗮𝗴𝗲𝗿 ✰ 𝗺𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 ✰ 𝗮𝗿𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗲 ✰ 𝗛𝘂𝗳𝗳𝗹𝗲𝗽𝘂𝗳𝗳 ✰ 𝗲𝗮𝗴𝗹𝗲 𝗽𝗮𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻𝘂𝘀 ✰ 𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗣 ✰ 𝗱𝘂𝗿𝗮𝘀𝘁 ✰ 𝗱𝗼𝗹𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗻 ✰ 𝘀𝗹𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝗹𝘆 𝗲𝗴𝗼-𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰 ✰ 𝗰𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗿 𝘀𝘂𝗿𝘃𝗶𝘃𝗼𝗿 ✰ 𝗚𝗶𝗿𝗹 𝗦𝗰𝗼𝘂𝘁 ✰ 𝘁𝗮𝗽 𝗱𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗿 ✰ 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗿𝗲 𝗸𝗶𝗱
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➝𝘩𝘢𝘻𝘦𝘭 𝘸𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘥, 12 1/2 𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘴, 𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘨𝘰𝘯 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘤𝘰𝘳𝘦, 𝘲𝘶𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘣𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘺 𝘧𝘭𝘦𝘹𝘪𝘣𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘺
➝𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘩 𝘏𝘦𝘳𝘮𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘎𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘳, 𝘑𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴 𝘗𝘰𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘞𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘭𝘦𝘺'𝘴 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘭𝘭 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘢 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘱𝘪𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘦
➝𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘴𝘱𝘰𝘳𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘺
➝𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘦𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘨𝘢𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘺
➝𝘔𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘶𝘥𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘌𝘳𝘢 𝘰𝘣𝘴𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘥
➝ 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘛𝘦𝘥𝘥𝘺 𝘓𝘶𝘱𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘞𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘭𝘦𝘺
➝ 𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘙𝘪𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘎𝘳𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳, 𝘓𝘦𝘰, 𝘔𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘳𝘺, 𝘍𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘹, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘓𝘢𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘢
➝𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘙𝘈 𝘰𝘳 𝘉𝘊 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘔𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘪𝘦, 𝘞𝘪𝘭𝘭, 𝘏𝘢𝘭𝘵, 𝘐𝘯𝘨𝘷𝘢𝘳, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘓𝘺𝘥𝘪𝘢
➝𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘏𝘎 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘗𝘳𝘪𝘮 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘙𝘶𝘦
➝𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘪𝘥 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘉𝘶𝘨, 𝘡𝘢𝘻𝘻𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘭, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘏𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢𝘩
➝𝘧𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘎𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘑𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘳, 𝘕𝘪𝘬𝘰𝘭𝘢𝘪 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘋𝘢𝘷𝘪𝘥
𝐚𝐝𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐨𝐟 @𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐀𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐬
𝐚𝐝𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐨𝐟 @𝐉𝐢𝐥𝐲𝐒𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐝
𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 #𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐒𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐝
Everyone is welcome on my page except for homophobes, transphobes, racists, misogynist, need I go on?
...ɢᴏᴏᴅ ɢᴏᴅ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ'ꜱ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏꜰꜰ ʙᴜᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴏɴ ᴛʜɪꜱ ᴛʜɪɴɢ?❞
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What characters do I remind everyone one?And I don't mean just my fandom, I want people I've never heard of too. Books, tv shows, movies, if I have the vibes of a character tell me. 
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