Okay. I'M FANGIRLING GIVE ME A SECOND! *sigh* Okay. 100 followers! I've been gone for five months on with a Danny Phantom kick. I come back into the PJO universe to this. As none of you know what I'm working on, here's a little overview. REWRITES! 
          	That's about it. When I wrote the two stories I have published on here, I was very new I my writing. In my humble opinion, they stink. So yeah. Let me know if you have any ideas for the rewrites. Later!


I love Britt Nicole's song Holiday, it makes me laugh!!  (The remix one)


Hi. U t awesome and I love sushi!


OH!! i LOVE Still that girl!!! :)


Just to say, on your profile you say how your mentally dating nico cause he doesn't actually exist, well I disagree, he does exist, he exists in our minds and in our hearts and defidantly in the PJO and HOO books!!!
          I still really like your books and you so please don't hate me for saying that!!!
          Follow for follow??