hi everyone! 
          	i hope you’re all well! It feels so surreal to be writing an announcement on Wattpad - I think I was last writing on here just over a year ago.  
          	it has officially been 5 years since ‘once upon a royal one night stand’ was released & to see that there are still individuals interested in the story of matt & hailey just feels amazing!! 
          	so I’ve decided to repost ouarons!!
          	there’s no use in having it sit in a file on my laptop just collecting dust so i’ll be posting chapters weekly to just go over some grammar issues and a few minor plot holes - no huge changes will be made (I think)! 
          	i hope to post the first chapter(s) next weekend and even if it’s just one single person who will be reading the book, I’m so excited to delve back into the story!! 
          	i cannot believe that ouarons reached 32 million reads before I has taken it down - that’s so surreal to me.  I’m sorry for the huge delay in getting back to you guys but over the next few weeks, I’ll be replying to every single message on my board and in my inbox - but please be patient with me as it may take me a while
          	i look forward to seeing you guys next week 


*insert Khloé Kardashians* LIAAAAAAAARRRRRR 


I do hate to me that person bit I’ve been reading this book for 5 years know I just want to know the end :(


@ThatReeader you did repost it from what remember bec i think i read it but then i wanted to read ot again but now its not there anymore. Anyone have an idea of why she removed it?