If I ever took a loss, I learned a lesson
I won't ever think I'm better than the next man
I've been down before the come up, I ain't stressin'
Baby I'm too busy countin' all these blessings

Yah, yah, yah

Stay happy,don't let no one dim your light.

You are born to be special.

Roll up a blunt and smoke all your problems away. Jk 😂

You deserve much more than what you're going through right now.

If no one will say it then I will,I love you.

You mean something to someone.

Stay slaying,it's the only way haters will know you ain't playing.

Don't matter where you come from,we're all the same.

We are family all my brothers,sisters and me. Lol

Me luv you,okaeii

Guh ahead an be a gud gyal or bowy😘

(Really wish I was Jamaican lol)

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Story by Tee'Kheigh
Maid For You #Wattys2016 by TeeKheigh
Maid For You #Wattys2016
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