I joined Wattpad in May 2011 and started reading Twilight stories on here. After reading quite a few AMAZING stories about what happened after Breaking Dawn, it gave me inspiration write my own story about after Breaking Dawn called Crescent Sun. My story is loved by tons of fans on here and I am just speechless. I never ever dreamed I would even get past Chapter 5, let alone actually finish the book. My story has been viewed nearly 2 million times, has thousands of votes and comments. I have over 6,000 fans and I am truly honored and touched to have all the fans I have and the readers who read it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

My name is Ashley and I have a beautiful 5 yr old daughter named Isabella. She's my Twilight baby and can recite word for word on every Twilight movie just like me lol. No I didn't name her Isabella cause of Twilight. I didnt start liking Twilight until few months before Eclipse was released in theaters lol.

For a long time, I lost my passion for writing. My life became overwhelmed with work, taking care of my daughter and my family. My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer July 2013, he received a liver transplant December 2013 and was doing excellent until Feb 2014. Then in March 2014, the drs informed us he has Lymphoma Cancer and it developed from having the transplant which only happens to less than 1% that has transplant. My father is a fighter.
With everything going on, its given me my passion to write back. Thank you to all my fans for sticking by me while I was on my break! I love each of you!

I hope you all enjoy my stories! When you read them please vote and comment on my chapters! I love hearing from my fans and seeing which chapters you enjoy!

Love Always,

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