Hey everyone! So sorry I've been so quiet but I've just started school again and it's so hectic that I barely get time to breathe. I'll continue trying to reply to as many comments as possible and appreciate all the support for my books!! Love, Tasha xo


I just wanna know ...how did u do it? How did u manage to get so many illiterate children to read “The Dealers Son”? How did u manage to find the ones who all have the same sad opinion? HOW did u find these little girls with no brains at all to have these pathetic views on relationships?!!???!? just wanted to know 


Hi! I am just stopping by to say that you are a great person and that you are loved very much. And I am the Happy Fairy and I put my magical happy dust on this comment so you must smile!! :)


Title: Florian's Story
          Florian is just like you, a normal teenager, who just wants to live life and not have to worry about anything.
          Then Hailey knocks on his door and his world turns upside down.
          How will he cope facing his consequences?
          This book is unfinished.
          It is a teen fiction book about teen pregnancy in the view of a male.
          Would love if people could check it out...


Intellectual romance is one of my favorite books in the world!! Thank you for being such an amazing writer 


Thank you for taking the time to say that Demi!! It’s so sweet of you to say. I’m really glad you enjoyed Sam and Ellie’s story 


Noughts and Crosses completely destroyed me. Like frfr. I have never felt that way about a book before.


Oh my goodness, that series is so intricate and well written that it makes me sad more people haven’t read it! 


you tryna um read my story tranquility while i beg others as well in desperatiom for views


Hey Tasha..I am 16 year old from Malaysia and to be honest I actually found your books by accidently tumbling over and clicking them but guess what..Out of 14(I think) of your books I finished 12 of them in a day...17 hours to be exactt.I am a fast reader but today a was record breaking.I even accidentally logged out at one point(I forgot the account password)..and I created a new account just to finish up your stories.i even named it Christmas Luck as I believe it was by lick I found your stories.I don't celebrate Christmas but I will you and your books as my Christmas gift this year.I have been almost a year on Wattpad(on my other account) and I never had the guts to comment or leave a message to any of the writers.You are the first. It's 11.33pm here..still Christmas Eve but since there is only 27 minutes more for Christmas,I would like to wish you and Thank You for being my best Christmas present!!!!


Hi Abi,
            Thank you for your sweet message! I’m so grateful that you’ve read my books and have enjoyed them so much! I’m glad you messaged me, it really means a lot!! I hope you had a great Christmas x


            The name's Abi by the way


            *today was
            *By luck
            *Will have you and your books
            *Wish you Merry Christmas
            # pss...sorry too sleepy to notice all those typos..