I regret updating Wattpad.... 


@SweetieSunshine_04 mine got auto updated 


Hii beautiful human! :)
          Thanks a bunch for reading and voting on my Ayushmann Khurrana fanfic, You Stole A Heart! It truly means the world to me to have your feedback and support.
          Stay happy and healthy!
          Arhana <3


Sorry Darlings for not updating as I promised to. I just couldn't get enough time to write. My new job reserves my whole time. I just can't cope with everything going on the way it is. I really needed some time. But I really feel bad that I haven't updated since July. And I don't even wanted to leave this story. So I've decided that I'll update before or max after Diwali. I'm trying my best. Hope you'll will understand. Thanks and love you all for bearing with me everytime.