" Part of the journey is the end

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im never consistently on here but at least i try!

miss trouble. 7teen. genderfluid. demigirl! she/they! homoromantic bisexual sooo basically gay 💅. single. taurus. hufflepuff. depressed high schooler with a passion for writing & a head full of ideas despite being a chronic writer's block sufferer. owner of more ocs than i know what to do with. chaotic crackhead energy. curse words are my fucking language. atheist & avid pessimist. country > city.

apart of too many fandoms. marvel! tony stark = a father figure. romanogers. buckysam. lokius. romanoff. barnes. wilson. belova. maximoff. stark. bucky's doll. sam's bestie. sugardaddy zemo. loki's pet. wanda's wife. america chavez protection squad. hp! marauders! mattheo riddle simp. blaise zabini lovebot. newt scamander lovebot. luna lovegood simp. prongs. wolfstar. regulus. criminal minds! hotch. prentiss. reid. alvez. supernatural! dean. sammy. charlie. claire. cas. tvdu! kai. freya. elijah. klaus. kol. marcel. hayley. keelin. st! el. will. max. mama steve. robin. nancy. hopper. joyce. eddie. ouat! regina. henry. rumple. robin. belle. snowing. outlawqueen. captainswan. golden girls fan. avid sitcom watcher. degrassi! jt. manny. sean. craig. greys! mer. alex. mark. addison. lexie. arizona. maggie. amelia. jo. tua! klaus. diego. dune! paul atreides. leto atreides. and a shit ton more!

mcu cast. spn cast. chris evans' dying laugh. marvel memes. wiccan lovebot. oscar isaac fanatic. liv rodrigo. taylor swift. queen stan. country music fanatic. musical stan: wicked, hamilton, deh, six, be more chill, heathers. apply fic addict. louis partridge simp.

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my fav irl assholes
Maddie. Stella. Nico. Bryan. Isa.

these wp mfs have my undying respect & loyalty
Charlie. Hannah. Olivia.


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" I love you 3000
  • pov. you’re me having an anxiety attack bc i love to write but am barely literate
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SuperMinds-fan SuperMinds-fan Jun 14, 2022 02:03AM
besties- I found a new apply fic. this one’s plot is hands down the best thing i’ve seen since my return to watt!!! im so excited for this and i’m so glad i’ve applied! eeeeeeeeeee!!! XDhttps://www...
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