I am so sorry we haven't been active, or have gotten to judging the contest entries. 
          	I (@monixter) have been on hiatus and super busy due to testing for three weeks in a row at school. Also, I'm moving and my family has to house shop and stuff, and friend troubles :(
          	@hurricanely has been on hiatus too due to person problems and stuff, and she's like the one in charge, so XD
          	we will get to adding your stories to our reading lists and picking winners for the contents entries when all of us (@hauntinglytragic @monixter & @hurricanely) can get together and judge the criteria.
          	Thank you for supporting us (: 


Eventually I plan to have my Disabled MC  overcome her anxiety about parenting that came about due to people judging her, and not thinking she’ll be a good parent due to said disability, would that count?


Hi! Sorry to bother you but I was haBing problems with getting the sticker because for some reason the link wasn't working. If you don't mind could you send me the link.
          Thanks <3


Hey everyone! I'm starting reading lists to advertise new, upcoming, or undiscovered books, and I'm open to suggestions for the reading lists. PM me a book with what you think does not have enough attention, and I'll add it to the list. Let's stop body shaming, and work to lift each other up!


Hi, there!
          For an event I'm doing for my #NoH8, I'm dedicating chapters to different profiles - and this is one of them! I won't add the banner/sticker, I hope that's okay, but I was wondering if you could check it out anyway. I really want to spread awareness about a lot of things, and it'd be great. It would help and encourage, empower, many people.
          Really appreciate it, thanks!


Hello I was working on my short story Diary of A BBW for a contest that unfortunately be cancelled.  Fortunately I ran accross this project.  I was wondering if you accept anthing with mature content.  If not I can adjust that one chapter.  I think it has a powerful message I need to share.