Hello, welcome to my profile of nothingness.

He/his/him are my pronouns.

I'm pansexual, and transgender

Favorite shows: Moominvalley (1990s version), Haikyuu!!, Blue Exorcist, My Hero Academia, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, and Peppa Pig (don't judge, it's a good fucking show)

Favorite movies: IT, Chucky series, Child's Play remake, Kingsman movies, and The Little Vampire 3D

Favorite ships: ShinKami, BakuDeku, TodoDeku, HotWings/BurntChicken, Azamic, Tony x Rudolph (idk the ship name), Reddie, Stanbrough, Tiffany x Chucky, Mineta x Trash, Garroth x Door, Aarmau, Travlyn, Zanvis

I'm a dirty multishipper

Favorite colors (in order): Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Black, Red

Favorite food: wings, meatloaf, takis, leftover ribs

Am I happy?: short answer, no

Do I have to clean my room sometime?: yes

Do I want to?: no

Who wants to be my friend?: nobody
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