Staff was very unhelpful and the emails I got were very contradictory. There was a point where I became so frustrated that I just gave up. I gave up on even using Wattpad. An oversight and a misunderstanding caused years of progress to be thrown away. Just because of my following, I may still update stories here from time to time, but Unmasked is irretrievable at this point in time. I don't want to put the work in of reediting and reposting the entirety of such a long story knowing that the management of this website would allow for its deletion without proper grounds.


@SinDumpling I just came here from your Tiktok. Hopefully you decide to let people send you the pieces so you can repost them elsewhere like AO3. Sorry about your story! I was looking forward to it.


I am also quiet disappointed with this too as Unmasked was one of my favorite books on this app as well. I am able to retrieve the book if you so wish but it will not be paragraphed out. Though because of how garbage most talking apps are texting through messages is most likely the only way I’ll be able to send the whole story through. If you are interested I would be happy to help you sort through the jumbled paragraphs that form together to make one of my favorite books. I will be online for an hour or so after sending this and if I am not, I will respond as soon as I can. 


I’m so sorry. That is, to put it mildly, completely unacceptable on their part. You deserve way way way way better 


I searched for so long to find Unmasked again AND WATTPAD TAKES IT FROM ME luckily i have it saved on my other account...


Hi  may I ask? How can I find your story Unmasked? Please help me! I really love the story! It!'s really one of the best KakashiXReader I've ever read!


Hi, I'm a fan of your book unmasked and I just wanted to tell u that the chapters are all scattered but that still didn't stop me to read it again for the fifth time, anyway have a good day or night (^-^)/


Hey I was wondering when were you going to update your Hanzo x reader? I love the way you write putting in these scenarios and stuff is so much fun to read and kinda inspiring!! ^^


I feel like we should leave her alone. If she doesn’t want to republish it or anything, then you shouldn’t push it. Please do not ask other people who have the book to circulate it, this causes a form of plagiarism.