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Hi! Sorry for shamelessly plugging. I just want to share my first story. If you have time, try to read this story of mine. Your follow, comments and votes are highly appreciated.
          Title: His Shy Ways 

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Hi, I'm introducing one of my stories, if you are interested or looking for something interesting to read at the moment, please do be interested in this story of mine, thank you and have a nice day! <3 
          Chandria's love for Jaxon is not a 'friendly' one, it is something else... something much deeper, much darker, so painful to the point that the only thing she wants was him... just him. When she realized her truth and how much she loved him, she also realized that she's only going to hold him back from what he deserved, from growing and becoming his own self--his own man. And just like a friend, she had to let go and just be the friend he needed, the one who would stand right next to him. 
          But as years pass by, it only drove Jaxon crazy for the only woman he desired and loved for a very very long time which led him to a plan that will make Chandria break her rule to never ever touch him. 



Sorry for the shameless plug. I'm an aspiring author and I would like to promote my first work so I'll be grateful if you read my work on your spare time. Thank you :>>


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