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Name: Nightmare Gottschalk
Sexuality: Homosexual
Friends: @_King_of_Fantasy_ (my best bro uwu)
Lover: @-the_calm_extrovert_ (hurt them and I'll tear your throat open uwu)
Role: Bagworm
Gender: Male
Height: 175-180 cm
Age: 17-23
Blood type: B
Weapon: Mind Hacking
Personality: Nightmare is terrified of hospitals, along with needles and other sharp objects. He has a sweet tooth and likes cats and other animals and he will skip work to sleep, keep warm, or escape into dreams whenever he is given the chance, much to the annoyance of Gray Ringmarc, his assistant. Being sickly, Nightmare uses this as yet another excuse to avoid work. He reads the minds of everyone around even when they tell him to stop, making more of a nuisance of himself than anything. Despite all this, he is a very powerful and fearsome person when the need arises, and he is shown to be very kind to those he cares about. He may be an incubus, but Nightmare is extremely innocent. Intimate moments are usually disrupted by him getting embarrassed and/or coughing up blood, and cuddling is his preferred form of expressing affection.
Appearance: He has short, smooth silver hair that reaches just past his chin, and one (two?) grey eye(s). As it is a rule that he must always keep his right eye closed, Nightmare wears a black and gold eyepatch over it to keep it closed. When not in dreams, he wears a dark grey suit with a frilled white shirt underneath, and in dreams his outfit is less formal. One consistency about his outfits is the purple handkerchief that's always tucked into a pocket. Nightmare is described as having very pale, perfect skin and lips so pale they're almost purple; this is because of his bad health.
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ahhh there's fireworks and I'm extremely phonophobic so I am terrified rn...Someone comfort me...
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