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▪ Sharya Fernando
▪15 years (Born in 2005 December 19)
▪ Female
▪ Sri Lankan
▪ Sarcastic and witty
▪ Love's lame, corny jokes and cheesy pick up lines (ik its weird but if I ever use em with any of ull, know its a habit where I go say it for entertainment so don't be fased by it)
▪ Love's coffee
▪ Tom boy who is occasionally girly
▪ Weiiierddddd
▪ Love's God unconditionally. 💟💜💟💜
▪ A friend u can talk to wheneverrrr you need.
▪ Pintrest, Whattpad and tick tok lover ( I mean duhhh who isn't )
▪ F4F on all social medias.

• Ed Sheeran ffannnnn
• A Blink
• A Directioner
• An Armie
• Lovessss alottt of other celebs.
( Yeah talk to me if u wanna find out. My lazy bum can't be bothered typin )

Thats it I guess...
don't judge meee peopleee I'm boringgg. Anyways, talk to me whenever, I'm always there to speak to if your going through something or if you are in trouble. And remember so is Ruha.
I meann, I'm called Shazzeh the Guru for a reason 😌😌😌
[Can't get you out a jail. Sorryyy ppl. At least not yetttt😎😎😎]

With that being said, love you alllll
🌼 X○X○ Shazzi. 🌼
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