Hey guys!! Welcome to my new account!!! It's sad having to let go of my old account but fingers crossed that this new start is a good choice and won't glitch on me too. Oh well...starting fresh, hope to have my friends from the old account back and welcome new ones!!!

New stories are on the way very soon!! New remakes and returns of old stories too!! Fingers crossed that I won't disappoint, these plots took a lot of time to make. They aren't done and for sure my mind will make more plot points that will make me force myself to include them in the story somehow...

Might take a long time before I publish anything though...adult life is flipping hardcore...

I am also going to be more careful this time around. I will make sure to put my books on mature content in case someone got the bright idea to report my books for misappropriation. I just don't wanna lose another book (It is cringy for sure but it wasn't easy to think and then write.)

Wattpad Name: Shaira Akamane
Age: 18
Birthday: August 9

Favorite Shows:
1. Beyblade Burst
2. Miraculous Ladybug
3. My Hero Academia
4. Boboiboy Galaxy

3 Favorite Characters on each Show:
- Beyblade Burst
1. Shu
2. Free
3. Lui
- Miraculous Ladybug
1. Nathaniel
2. Marc
3. Luka
- My Hero Academia
1. Todoroki
2. Bakugou
3. Aizawa
- Boboiboy
1. Thunderstorm
2. Solar
3. Kaizo

3 Favorite Ships on each Show: (Tops on the Right and Bottoms on the Left)
- Beyblade Burst
1. Free x Shu
2. Lui x Shu
3. Rantaro x Wakiya
- My Hero Academia
1. Bakugou x Todoroki
2. Shinou x Kaminari
3. Kirishima x Izuku
- Miraculous Ladybug
1. Marc x Nathaniel
2. Luka x Adrien
3. Marinette x Kagami (Reverse ship OwO)
- Boboiboy Galaxy
1. Solar x Thunderstorm
2. Cyclone x Thunderstorm
3. Ramenman x Kaizo
...of course, there are more...

FunFact: I ship the Bottoms with any character as long as they say bottoms in the relationship. And I only ship the Tops with the Bottom characters.

If you don't ship like any of my ships, my books are not for you...
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