What you wanna know for,huh?
Fuck you!
I'm just kidding,fuck me!
Kidding again,chill your tits....
Look,I just want some twinkies,aight?✋
pm if you want,someone will prolly reply,or maybe not(I'm the 'someone' you nipple head)but don't be up in there talking 'bout 'just wanted to say hey', cool?Cool.And come bearing twinkies!
Okay,now hop the fuck off my dick and quit yo lurking✌

and ghosts are ick,so don't be one

also,I can't pull off straight hair :( :'( but fuck it,big hurrr don't currr :)

I seem mean,but don't worry because I am! :)(:
No,seriously I'm not nice.At all.
But yo,for real,I'm the worst!

~fuck with squad~ that's fam(only because they live within walking distance and I'm too lazy to meet new people)lmfaoo,no I still love you guys:

Jamal➡aint gotta say who he is♥child of Marley♥frizzie hippie♥lol @jamal_AI

Jake➡my hooker♥my co-wife♥ :') @jake_fym♥ sexxy beast♥

Mila➡my lil chimney♥my honey bear♥she's seriously too sweet,even when she cusses♥ @mila_d

Ayman➡my bestie since birth!!!!!but do we say?my other co-wife♥ @ayman_

Jay➡my Grinch♥my fufi♥lol don't try to get cute with him,he's not about that life XD @jay_ahm

Amal➡This right here is my sexy big-eyed husband♥✨MOTORBOAT✨♥my feels coach♥my boobies♥ @amal_Jo

last thing;sometimes I go on random follow sprees just to see if I'll find other cool people to disturb,so yeah

please don't ask me to read a fan fiction because I won't, thank you!
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Shae_AI Shae_AI Aug 10, 2016 07:27PM
Haven't laughed so hard at a book while also so damn extremely uncomfortable. Thank you @elijahdanielistrash and whatever the fuck you were smoking
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