Happy New Year everyone! 
          	I hope 2020 if filled with love, success and happiness ♡  


@SeraphinaMontez Happy New Year ❤️


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Hi.... Hope you're doing well. 
          Can you tell me..... Are u not going to update " Submissive Escort "? 
          Are u going to stop it? 
          Please don't.... Can you please continue it? 


hi! i hope you’re doing well with everything going on, i know you said you were not feeling the best a while ago. would you be able to repost the old version of bumpy ride? i know people have been bothering you about it forever now  if you could, that would be amazing! thank you~


Hey, I hope you're doing okay. Genuinely.  Times are tough right now, more so for some than others, but I just wanted to send out positive thoughts for you


Hi seraphina what happen to the twins addiction? I wanna read it too you're so f*vking awesome writer I love the way you make stories 


Hi Seraphina, hope you doing well?
          Please let us know when and where Bumpy Ride will be published! The concept and story line was very captivating and hard to forget.
          Its one of the books on my must read list!


I love your stories btw. And I'm excited to read Bumpy Ride. Those stories from the one shots are so cool. My fav was the Shy Mafia


Oooo...I know a good a zombie story if you wanna read one. Or maybe you read it already. The author herself have other zombie books too though I can't read them coz they're paid stories. "Virus Within" is a zombie book. Kind of different from other books. Why? Instead of fighting zombies, the mc herself is a zombie. It's really cool. I read your biography part there and thought I could share this to you.