Do you believe in spirits? If so, have you ever encountered one? Like felt like someone or something was watching you? I ALWAYS do. Some people say that my mind is messing with me or the house is just settling, but when I wake up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (2-3AM), COLD in my SAUNA of a bedroom, hearing KNOCKS and THUMPS coming from my closet, all while seeing DARK FIGURES crawling around? I'm going to believe in supernatural things. If I'm not being the lazy couch potato person I am while watching Youtube or Netflix, I'm creating a story in my head to rid me of my boredom. If I do want to write out one of my crazy stories, most will probably be about something I think is scary. 😅😎☺🙂😏😯😩😴😪😲😱😳😵😓
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