A theif broke into my house last night,
He started searching
for money,
So I woke up and started searching with him.

That mindblowing moment when you come to the part of the book where the title makes sense.

When you are close to finishing the book but then realize that there are not enough pages for everthing you want to happen.

There are certain fiction character death's that you can never recover from.

When a character does
Something really stupid
Or embarrassing,

I have to close the book
And breathe for a second,
Because I can feel their Embarressment.

That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everybody else is just carrying on with their lives.

As though, you didn't just experience an emotional rollercoaster.

Reader's live thousands of lives before they die.
People who don't read only live one.

My favorate game is called &
"How many chapters can I read in a night?" ________________________________

Someone should write a book where the main character falls in love with the reader.

My fave book: Torn by @ariarlyn918 ❤ Heyy she follows meee

Fictional Crush's:
-Sam Cahill
-Caleb Lockheart
-Cole Stone
-River Parker
-Alec Ryder
-Colton Henley

Without that little voice in you head you wouldn't be able to read till here.❤
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