This woman
has fought a thousand battles, and is still standing...
Has cried a thousand tears, and is still smiling...
Has been broken,
But she still walks proud,
laughs Loud,
Lives without fear
Loves without doubt
This woman is beautiful
This woman is humble
This woman

So, now that that little episode is over. Hello, people of the world, and of Wattpad, of course.

You have found the page of Sarcastic_Stranger, who is actually not that sarcastic (Shhhh..... It's a secret)

If you have read any of my stuff, you will find that I tend to be depressing, but last I checked I'm really not that bad
(Wait, what about that conversation you had about bestiality and necriphilia after you were done talking about how you would look out over a field of dead bodies, and allow all your friends to be at the top of the hills and die last so that they could watch the destruction happen and not be crushed by bodies afterwords?)
That was a one time thing, voice in my head.
(That was your center point of conversation for two weeks in a row.)
Shut up..

My brother is an ex-navy seal.
My dad fought in Iraq, Kenya, and was part of Desert Storm.

I will admit to being a bit of a mythology geek.
Like, I searched something up on Aurai (Wind Spirits of Greek Mythology) and I saw in the 'People also searched for' that someone asked who the Greek goddess of snow was, and I screamed: EVERYBODY KNOWS THE GREEK GODDESS OF SNOW IS KHIONE! And my mom had to correct me because she didn't know.... I felt too smart for my own good.

Also, my language class once told me to f^ck off and go home. Because I was (In Konnors words) "Too smart" for that class and I was (In Faith's words) "practically already a human dictionary."
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I'm putting feelers out there.... Who would be interested in a story about the wild mustangs? Would be about my (slightly over-exaggerated) journey with my 3 strike mustang that was almost sent back...
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