Y'all go check out my friend @Punkxst thats called You Taste Like Strawberries. Great book to read.


Hi. By any chance do you happen to know about the story “his best friends daughter “? Along with the sequence of finding red or serching red? I am quite confused as the google showed your profile regarding those stories. Do you have any idea about those stories? If you do can you please help
          Me with it?


Hello! I'm searching for a wattpad story with Harry Styles, where he has a best friend Elinor/Elenor (I don't remember much) and a girlfriend. Elinor has a accident and she's in hospital for a very long time in coma and Harry is really upset and he spends more more time in the hospital seeing Elinor. His girlfriend is really upset she want to break up with him because he thinks he's in love with Elinor. In the end Elinor wakes up from come and Harry is back with his girlfriend. I can't find the book but I really love it and I need to find it. If you know the name of the book pls pls tell me!!


Hello!! I'd be so happy if you were to check out my new romance series!! Just want an experienced romance reader to see what they think! Fairy Godmother Inc. - it's sexy, mature content ;) 


@naasiaowen14 is a pathological liar and a bully. They like to bring authors down and talk crap about their stories. It's sad that they talk crap and is just a disgusting human. I have all emails and proof of their horrible comments smh.
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