@tigger21678  Hiya, i'm contemplating writing one about him. I do like him as a character. Can I ask what you think of Tommy? 


Um Author. Do you mind creating an ending for Beautiful Savior cause i felt like you were rushing and the ending wasnt enough to call it a happy ending. It feel very incomplete to me and I will love it if you are able to write a good ending for Beautiful Savior. Thank you!


I just finished A Beautiful Sacrifice and I loved it!! Next, A Beautiful Saviour, I plan to read all your books 


I have read two of your books so far (A beautiful saviour and the beautiful sacrifice.) AND I LOVED THEM and I'm going to read the alpha one. Just letting you know that you have a beautiful way of writing and making the reader feel different emotions so keep on doing the great work. ❤️ ❤️ 


I'm reading A Beautiful Sacrifice right now, and it's a really intriguing read.
          It just needs some editing. Have you considered getting it published??


I absolutely loved avoiding alpha an traumatised Tim , I actually had tears at some points off the story but it was beautifully written  I couldn't stop reading.  


I'm reading A Beautiful Sacrifice at the moment and it's really good! I commented on a couple of spots where there is a typo or a missed comma... And I was wondering if you were open to some more grammatical suggestions? Of course you don't have to say yes, but I thought I might as well offer to be helpful :-)
          Thank you for your consideration! 


continue working on your stories, I have read Avoiding Alpha, and Traumatized Tim(just finished it right now), and they are amazing 
          keep up the good work