• Hey there! You can call me Sally or Sallie personally I don't see difference
• I'm not telling my age but there are 90% chonces I'm younger than you ( yep I did chonce purposely if you know you know)
And that doesn't mean I'm not smart I'm really matured for my age *smirks*
• Personally I prefer to buy food for homeless children down the lane rather than spending my cash on something useless I would recommend you the same
• I love making everyone happy
• I hold the power of making someone uncomfortable with my politeness, Im always careful while choosing my words.. I don't want to make anyone upset we never know what the other person is going through
• Im really cool and chill that you'll probably freeze when you see me be careful

Congratulations 👏 now you know me more than my own mom too bad it's not coming in your exams :((

You can always pm me anytime your precious secrets are safe in my treasure, I'm not forcing for you I'm just another random girl on internet but just to let you know you can trust me
And I'm just living a normal life like you

And I request you not to hate on anyone we all are special in our own ways the world would be a more peaceful place if we respect each others opinions
Well I know you won't hate but just a reminder

Please be kind it costs nothing <3
Keep our planet clean cause obviously it's our job to do that and we don't have a planet B

Listen Y/N you're amazing
I believe in your supremacy
You need to hear this more often

And I request you not to look at my location
  • you little rebel I like you
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Sallievia Sallievia Feb 02, 2022 09:19AM
Someone just said I insanely look like Grace Elizabeth I feel achieved-
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