Yandere's Day (Valentine's Day - Part 2) Azur Lane Fanfiction


          	  Love your work and I also watch your videos on YouTube continue on making great things sorry fan of your work on YouTube Also was surprised to see you on Wattpad


Is this the Almighty Ryuma? The one that made that EPIC Bismarck fanatic on YouTube?  If so, I am honored to meet you!!!


Do you mind if I make a spinoff of your Fanfiction, it's well made and inspired me to make something similar to yours.


Izin peromot
          Daily Attendance System (r18) 
          Karuna yang mendapatkan system omong kosong ini dan  akan mempermudah hidupnya dan mendapatkan segalanya Harta? Tahta? Wanita? Semuanya akan dia dapatkan dengan syatem Daily Attendance System 
          [Membuka paket hadiah! Selamat kepada tuan rumah karena mendapatkan hadiah uang tunai 200 juta] 
          [selamat kepada tuan rumah karena mendapatkan 67% saham raffia hotel group] 
          [Selamat kepada tuan rumah karena mendapatkan kemampuan 3 bahasa asing] 
          Link: https://my.w.tt/h9t8PleOZab


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Holy Shit, Man, I Didn't Know You Had A Wattpad Account! Can I Request A Wholesome Junyou Fanfic?