Hi everyone! Thank you all for your support of Dawn of the Epoch on Wattpad. Many of you all have asked me if you could download a copy of the book--AND NOW YOU CAN! I am sorry that it took so long. You can get it here - 
          	Or just go to and search for "Dawn of the Epoch"


how are you sir;;;;;;;;;;'''


Awsum book. u r one in a million.needs a sequel, but I wud rather u not write it.
          Instead just do a small add-on just to cmplt this story,it'll be more beneficial to u and the readers


Wow you really have awesome book covers. And yes I know what they say about judging a book by its cover but I totally did just that and its awesome...


I have your book in real life (Dawn of the Epoch)  and I had no idea that it was on Wattpad... Good book... But I wish I had known this sooner #NoRegrets


The hell dude... Did you swallow a dictionary or what!? :)... Jokes apart... Great work still left with 1/4 the of the book but you know how to keep the readers reigned it well... Who knows you may manage to have writing as your career even now... Best of luck man...


Hello. Can You Give Me Pointers Or Something On How Your Covers Are Undeniably Impressive? Or Just Show Me? If You Help Me I'll Be Greatly Welcomed.


@Lord7Naruto lol, the flame and salt on the internet


@Lord7Naruto And do you see me whoring myself out for reads, like the six year old you are?


@Lord7Naruto You're an idiot.


I've not been this devastated that I've finshed a book sine Trudi Canavan. Bloody hell mate, I will start a petition to demand more!! you're evil I swear to leave us like this lol ;-P