Antagal na kitang hinanap nakalimutan ko na kasi user name mo saka nasira phone ko mga 2 years na. Limot ko din password ko. More power sayu god bless


Palapit na ang Pride Month, Rovi. Bigla kitang naalala dahil about do'n ang last na conversation natin. 
          Nasa booth ka ng Pride Lit noon and probably selling books but sadly, we did not meet. Dahil dumating ako to buy book past 7 na. 
          Gusto sana kitang tanungin kung pupunta ka uli. But as I was scrolling down your profile, it dawned on me that you will pass The Pride Month this time.
          I don't understand what I'm feeling right now. We don't talk too much (during the times when I still have dummy acct) but I wish I had. 
          You were nice to me. You made me feel welcome when I was still part of Carols of Love gc. And that's probably enough reason why I have such a good memory of you.
          And now I hope you have a good memory of me too there in heaven, Rovi. May you soul finds the rest it deserves.


@elusive_conteuse omy..... Kaya pala wala ng updates