Some glitch happened during updating, so just in case the link wasn't shared automatically, here is the link to the latest chapter of "Lord Day and Lady Night":
          	Have fun!


@RobThier I love ur books, pls can u link me on how to make a good book cover


I just published 2 books called Finding a place to call home and wolfs game go check them out @me434br. I would really enjoy hearing what you guys think!!!


@RobThier im so waiting for the completed version of Lord Day and Lady Night 


Sir Rob. I absolutely love your writing, it’s sooo beautiful and magical and, that is why I just had to buy your books. So I was just wondering, when will storm of bells be published on paperback? I can’t wait to add it to my collection. 


Bruh,my guy Rob I've read all the storm and Silence books and I've gotta say out of all wattpad fanfiction your books are my favourite because I love the characters and all of the storylines are really interesting. I love how the characters develop and we learn more about the characters along the story. I'm glad I stumbled across your work sir.❤️


Can anyone help me in finding S&S chapters which are from Ambrose's POV???
          I just can't find it.


@GraceJenkins904 lmao right back at you!! 


@Tian_a  you are my wattpad bff from now on.
            Thank you for telling me!


@GraceJenkins904 hey lol! The book with mr ambrose’s perspective is in @hi_betch profile. It’s written by sir rob but hi_betch has made it available in wattpad


Hey everyone! For those reading this, I just wanted to ask if you could read my fantasy story, "Once Upon A Halloween.." If you like witches and magical creatures this is the book for you, check out the blurb if you're interested (The prologue is a lot better then the blurb) ;) If not, go back to enjoying the author's wonderful work! She has some brilliant stories!


Sir Rob, thank you, for everything ❤️ The SnS series is my first true love, still my favourite companion at any point in time. I #rr every year. The characters are basically my literary family at this point. What an inspiration, what a masterpiece ❤️ Thank you.


sir rob you’re the most awesome author ever! thank you for a series like s&s. It’s the only series that I can read again and again and again and not still not get enough of


Please check out my story awaken leave a comment, vote and share I will really appreciate if you do love you#kisses❣️


I just finished the storm and silence series. And can I just say they touched me in places I did not  know existed. I shed an enormous amount of tears reading the last few chapters. Can’t wait for the next!
          Hope you keep gracing and blessing us with books!
          THANK YOU✨