my name is Roger. 
I love imagining story's in my mind. I don't always remember the story that plays in my mind,but when I do. I write it down and save it for a day that I feel like I can continue the story.
the stories I write sometimes depend on my mood. I often write poems and short stories.
I love creating humor and making people laugh. I hope you enjoy what I write in the near future.
favorite anime/ manga are , pokemon , yugioh , sangoku basara , fairy tail , one piece, bleach ,beelzebub, kenichi the ultimate deciple , persona 4 golden , soul eater , shaman king , hunter x hunter , naruto , //.hack , cowboybebop , inuyasha ,beyblade , digimon , dragon ball gt ,dragon ball z , ,dragon ball , sword art online , zatch bell , hamtoro ,
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