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Trying is enough. you didn’t just stop or quit. you put in effort. how much doesn’t matter. what matters is that you did at all when you could have chosen not to. you tried. and it’s okay if you didn’t succeed. it’s okay if it didn’t go the way you planned. it’s okay if you didn’t get what you were hoping for. because in every failure, every mistake, every regret, every heartbreak, every mishap, there’s a lesson. where there’s a lesson, there is growth. and where there’s growth, there is light. even in the most negative, dark, hurtful situations.
          The secret to finding your passion is to start bringing passion to everything you do. No matter how small or big whatever you are doing is, do it like you really want to. That’s what creates excellence. And, great success.
          Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle And the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. 
          -. Never stop dreaming. Combine with hard work, persistence, discomfort & faith, & you are on your path to great success.
          "Dear whoever reading this, 
          I hope that next year, on the same day, you'll be having a different life: more beautiful, more fun, more successful, more peaceful, and more passionate. 
          I hope that next year comes with all your secret prayers answered with what you've asked for or better than what you've asked for.
          I hope that next year you'll be living livelier and happier." 
          You know, it's okay to restart for how many times in your life—when you feel like everything's chaotic and messy, when things became out of your control, when you think you faced a dead-end, or whatever reason you may have, it's all fine to be back to square one again. It's way better than to stay still on where you are, and be stagnant; also a better decision than giving up. It's hard, so bring along some patience for yourself; you are growing, you are learning, and you need those experiences to survive.