My apologize, if you annoyed by my massage, please ignore it. But, just, i need help, i don't remember the title from this chinese novel, but i do clearly remember the context. It's about a man (writer) which his family doesn't care about him, but he's getting in marriage with good man, and that man love him very much, especially when the man heard that this writer get poisoned by the writer's wicked family, and the man wants to help the writer to fulfill his life. 
          Sorry for my bad english, but, i need the title please, before i read in the indonesian translation, but i can't find it anymore, pretty please help me, i only need to know the title. 
          Sorry if this one rude, but, are you ever know or maybe the one that translate this novel?
          Once again, sorry for my rude and bad behavior for asking this, and sorry for my bad english.