so for those of you who don’t know, I share writing advice regularly on my blog ( in a series called Writing Wednesdays - and all throughout August, I’m featuring guest posts from some of my favourite writers here on Wattpad!
          	This week’s post will be from the brilliant @GavGav7, and will focus on how to know when it’s time to delete your entire manuscript. (Spoiler alert... it’s a GREAT post.) Keep an eye on my Twitter where you can find me @Reekles for the link when the post is live!


@Reekles notification showed up saying I was mentioned in this. Guess that means I need to delete the stories I wrote when I was 13 lol


@Reekles I need advice!!!


@Reekles Hey Reekles, any chance you could read the 1st three chapters of my zombie novel and tell me if it's worth continuing?  It's called "World Undone" by Andrew Costello.  


Hello , I am writing a story. Please try it out. I would really love to hear the opinions 


Hello, I read your book "Kissing booth" in German! I love this book so much!!!!❤❤❤❤ 
          I hope that more books from you came in German...


Hello @Reekles 
          my name is Edward, I am from Athy,Co.Kildare,Ireland
          you can call me Ed or Eddie if you want
          I am a fan of yours
          I read one of your books on Wattpad and it's good,
          if you are looking for a book to read, my very first poetry ''House Hold Animals Playing Baseball'' is on
          any age can read it because it's suitable for all ages, I wrote that poetry

          you are more than welcome to read it.
          Best Regards


Ya decía yo que The Kissing Booth me parecía muy cliché de Wattpad. Thank you for give us that story, I waiting for the second part!


Hiya. I’m new to Wattpad and apologies for seeing the movie before I read your books! Congratulations and currently reading you next two books before the next release on the film! Excited and inspired by you. Thank you!