I like this idea, I'll probably make it a thing even if people don't like it, lol 
          	(MHA universe)
          	"Hey, hand me that screwdriver, please." You swung your hand out and vaguely gestured towards the star-screwdriver lined up between two similar ones in slightly different sizes. Your eyes remained on the round object in your hand. Feeling the tool being placed in your hand, you smiled, "Thank you, Umbreon."
          	He snorted and rolled his sharp, black eyes as he trotted across the working table he was sitting on and peered down into the box near you, "Bud, you can't sleep there!" You pulled out the sleepy, yellow mouse.
          	Pikachu clearly did not approve of you picking him up, you realized that when he brought his tail down on your hand. You let go of him and the Pokémon fell back down into the box filled with Pokéballs.
          	Ironic, really. Considering Pikachu was the one liking being in his own Pokéball the least. 
          	"Pika, Pika!" You rolled your eyes at what you assumed was a laugh coming from the Pokémon
          	Yeah, Pokémon were meant to be friends and companions. So why were Pokémon always made out to be monsters? To be Villains? Why were Heroes fighting them?
          	Pikachu leaped out of the box and onto the table. Sitting beside Umbreon while watching you pick up your baseball cap up and swiftly put it on. Digging your hand into the the pocket of your dark blue, slightly baggy jeans, you pulled two items up.
          	Umbreon stood up and blinked as you tapped the small white button on the tiny ball in your hand. It grew in size, you smiled at the invention and held it out towards Umbreon. He turned and nodded at Pikachu whom gave a cheerful wave in response before he turned back to you and pressed his tiny snout to the ball.
          	Pikachu stared at the other red item in your other hand. You turned your head to him, "Let's go gather some more data, 'kay?" You smiled
          	"Pika, Pikachu!" Pikachu jumped onto your shoulder, where he could rest comfortably on the journey.
          	Wdy think?


@Red-Ramen could you continue Wild Turns (Hiccup X Reader) RTTE? that "Have Dragon Will Travel Part 2"?


@Red-Ramen i'm getting excited :)


Hey I hope you’re doing well I was wondering if you are still updating the lost avatar story I’m in love with it so far 


@Red-Ramen could you please update RTTE Hiccup X Reader?


@NicoleAnderson204 It’s just been updated, but the updates sure will be slow! :)


It's been a while since I read the story of Nanatzu no Taizai x Reader, and I wanted to know which characters fell in love with the protagonist?


@jadejosk a lot of characters does fall in love with the protagonist. And in the end, you will be able to choose you’re own ending between groups, girls and boys! :)


          I freaking love that your profile pic is of Stitch raiding Nani’s refrigerator!! lol xD


@Red-Ramen could you please continue about RTTE Hiccup X Reader?


@Lady_Saki01 Thank you, thank you!! It is such a mood, I couldn’t help it!