Wow, how weird is it that after 4 years of disconnecting ourselves from Wattpad we come back to see that our books are still just as loved and popular. THANK YOU!
          	We were only just talking the other day about how crazy it is we used to do this. Four years ago doesn’t seem like a long time but SO much has changed...... We both graduated college in 2019. Kelsey moved to NYC for her job for a hedge fund company. Kyle is teaching in elementary school in MA and is getting married summer 2021. (Kelsey of course is MOH). We are both still caffeine addicts. More into Hulu these days but still scrolling through Netflix. 
          	Sometimes we CRINGE rereading some of the things we wrote and think “God, we’re so stupid. No one talks like that. No one acts like that. THATS NO REAL!” hahaha but we loved it here. Writing all our thoughts down and ideas down. Daydreams. Sometimes we still bounces storylines off of each other (with no intention to fully write). Looks at all the comments, previous comments. It’s like a mini time capsule of what we were in high school. It’s SO BIZARRE. So amazing......
          	WELL, see ya again in 4 years! :P 
          	P.S. what’s with this coin thing?


It's probably time for Kyle's marriage......... all the best and don't slip while walking down the aisle ;) <3


@RealityCheck101 awwwww your not staying. Its okay. Have a wonderful life you both. Love your books ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


@RealityCheck101 OMG I missed you guys so much! Congratulations on everything ❤❤ the coins are messed up but we are surviving xD



Hi please read WOUNDED BUT YOURS, look through it’s description if you like what you read do give it a try. It’s my first wattpad novel! I’d love to have your support onboard. Hope you guys like it, it’s filled with love, laughter and longing desire! ☺️