I am a huge fan of Amourshipping, Pokemon, SAO And Fairy Tail, and Panic! At The Disco! and last but not least; Legend Of Zelda! I update at 1:00 on Thursdays and every other day I upload at 2:00! |Current Status: My part in the collab challenge will probably never happen, school interrupting writing (Sorry, I'll try to update a little more often)
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Dear Bullies: You Know That Girl You Called Stupid? She Has Dyslexia. You Know That Boy You Called Fat? He Is Starving Himself. You Know That Boy You Punched In The Hallway? He Was Already Being Abused At Home. If You Are Against Bullying Post This On Your Profile. 97% Of You Wont And 3% Of You Might Take The Time To Post This. |Myself| Okay, My name is Kyle and as you can tell, I am a huge fan of Amour and the Ash-Greninja evo-fusion. I have one story going and one completed. Here's The Link! https://www.wattpad.com/story/81147135-kalos-high and I am a Fil-am. My catchphrase for ending chapters is "Well, PEACE OUT *insert a shipping or something else* and that's all I think. Well, PEACE OUT PROFILE VIEWERS! A quote to keep people going "Life will get easier, Just be patient." - KyleTheAmourShipper/ReadinStuff2. Fire type are totally weak against water type! *Ash-Greninja faints* Ash be like "Screw this, I'm going to Alola." Than derpy Ash be like "Alola!" but it sound like "Awoa!"
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Stereotyped by ReadinStuff2
...Am I that stereotyped? wondered Ash Ketchum. This boy was a nomad, never stayed in one place. When he goes...
Kalos High by ReadinStuff2
Kalos High
A Pokémon Fan Fic that includes: Amourshipping, All Of Ash's Companions and MORE!
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