i want to shrivel up and die


Just finished reading your book, Weeds. Absolutely Amazing. Definitely in the top 3 of my favourite wattpad books. Hands down
          I get that Elliot and Riley go their separate ways.. Okay. But what happens to Cole and Jasmine? Does he ever confess his feelings or does he meet a nice guy and they start a life together?
          Also Riley's twin... Her? Does she get pregnant again and actually keep the baby this time? Do Ghost and Jake live happily ever after? These questions have been eating away at my mind for a day now and my heart refuses to believe that the journey with Elliot is over
          The 'me' fallacy... When do you plan on updating? 


I just finished reading weeds and the version in Elliot's pov and this was the best book I have read and I have read over 100 books on Wattpad so thank u for making these books and plz make more!!!


@Lifeisabook08 @rambunctiouss thank you so much guys ! < 3


@Lifeisabook08 ikr I reread this story every time I seriously gave up finding books written this good on Wattpad


everything has changed so much yet its still the same, i always look back on this account for growth, but all the people i ever wrote  about are still somehow relevant


Does Elliot's story explain why he has permanent bruising? I've just finished weeds and my heart hurts too much to read Elliot's yet!


looking back at how i was, i cant believe i felt like that, its crazy how feelings can fade so dramatically in two years I have changed so completely im no longer the same person; i am capable of loving and knowing what love is