Anime that I've watched(Includes movies, OVAs, waiting for new episodes, etc)-
Naruto the First 🦊🍜🍥
Spirited Away
BNA 🦝🐺(rewatches- 1)
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 🐉
The Demon Girl Next Door 😈 🪄
Soul Eater 👹🗡
Pokémon Sun and Moon 🌙 ☀️
Attack On Titan: Junior High 🏫 🍱
Ouran High School Host Club 🏫 ❤️
Kakegurui 🃏
Attack On Titan⚔️💨
Sk8 the Infinity🔵🛹🔴
Saiki K🧠
Demon Slayer 🗡👺
Dorohedoro 🐊
Girls Und Panzer💥
Seven Deadly Sins 🐉🦥🐍🐐🦊🐗🦁
bloom into you 🌺
jujutsu kaisen 🤟✌️🐕🤜⚡️
The Promised Neverland(S2)
komi can't communicate
akame ga kill
demon slayer
want to watch/check out-
Naruto Shippuden🍥🦊🍜
Death Note📓🍎
Food Wars 🥘
Fairy Tail 🔥
Hunter X Hunter 🟢🔵
Yuri On Ice ⛸
Love Live 🎶
Angel Beats
Bleach 🗡
Erased ✏️
Kill La Kill
Akame Ga Kill
Cells At Work 🧬 🧪
Full Metal Alchemist
Violet Evergarden
A Whisker Away 🐈
One Punch Man 1️⃣🥊
Sing a Bit of Harmony
Asobi Asobase
Love, Chunbiyo, and Other Delusions
Little Witch Academia
Devil Part-timer
haikyuu!!(to the top ep8)
black lagoon(ep5)
Attack On Titan(Finished May 23rd 2021)
Demon Slayer(Finished June 2nd 2021)
Jujutsu Kaisen(up to speed)
bloom into you(finished august 2021)
that time i was blackmailed by the class's green tea bitch(?/10-__)22
tamen de gushi(11/10-__)211
Sora and Haena(21/10-24/10)
she becomes a tree(29/11-29/11)
can i kiss you?(30/11-30/11)
tsubame tip off(1/12-__)11
ring my bell(2/12-7/12)
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